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The Christian Academy

The Christian Academy: Educating Children Based on Principles in God’s Word

Giving a child the best education and making him/her capable to stand up on his/her feet is crucial to every parent. A good education will not only help your child find a great job in his/ her life but would also build his/her character and teach integrity, compassion, and logic. Therefore, you must get enroll your child in the best preschool Brookhaven that offers a good classical education backed up with God’s teachings to give your child a fulfilled life. Also, the school must offer the best extra-curricular activities that teach your child the importance of teamwork, caring and sharing. 


The Christian Academy, the best private school in Brookhaven has been offering the highest quality of classical education backed up with Christ’s teachings with the help of certified and professional teachers who specialize in different subjects. The school offers education from kindergarten to 12th-grade assisting children to unlock their inner potential and excel in whichever field they choose to make their career in. Though the school offers college-preparatory education, it also takes into consideration the important teachings of Christ that would help your child in the future. When your child is enrolled in The Christian Academy, he/she will not only get bookish knowledge but would also get trained in body, spirit, and mind with God’s teachings. One of the most preferred Brookhaven church preschool, The Christian Academy follows the motto of ‘All for Him’ where the school follows the philosophy of learning based on the principles in God’s word written in the Bible. The school offers four levels of schooling namely, kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, and high school each offering the required set of educational facilities. The student to teacher ratio is 10:1, therefore rest assured that your child will get the individual attention of the teacher to solve his/her doubts.

Apart from this, The Christian Academy offers guidance for college prep to its Brookhaven high school students so that they can achieve the best university education in the future. In addition to education, the school offers other activities too such as athletics, fine art, clubs and electives, student ministries and more. If you want to see the school campus, you can schedule a visit by filling the form on their website. You may also get in touch with them via email or call them at 610-872-5100.

For more information, visit https://www.tca-pa.org/

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